We are tirelessly working to improve our efforts in providing resources, leadership training, and education to dedicated immigrant workers throughout Brockton. To further our mission and vision, we need both your moral and financial support to promote and organize programs and policies for systemic change of workplace conditions at the city and state level.

Every contribution, large and small, furthers our vital efforts in the following ways

-To provide training and support for emerging community leaders throughout Brockton and the South Shore

-To educate new and low income workers on how to lead and solve workplace issues

-To allow leaders to spend time researching issues impacting their community

-To give grassroots leaders access to key policy makers in our local community, within our state, and in Washington D.C.

-To help us build a better and more just community here in Brockton and beyond

To donate, please visit our Go-Fund-Me Page here.

Thank you! We greatly appreciate your support to improve the lives of immigrant workers in our community!


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