The Brockton Workers’ Alliance (BWA) is a worker-led 501(c)3  non-profit organization that supports immigrant workers through resources that address workplace related issues such as wage theft, ratial discrimination, health and safety, and unjust firing. BWA is constantly working at the forefront to empower workers and to diminish their struggles in the workplace. Our efforts focus on organizing leaders who will direct the fight for our struggling families by making the Brockton community and beyond a better place for immigrants to work and live.
As a non-profit our current priorities are:
-To move forward statewide bills including the Safe Communities Act.
-To protect immigrants’ and workers’ rights in their community and in the workplace.
-To diminish workplace abuses experienced by hardworking immigrant workers, such as wage theft, unjust firing, and others.
-To improve health & safety of immigrant workers at their place of employment.
-To organize and empower immigrant workers to lead the way for better working conditions.

BWA has moved to 721 Belmont St. in Brockton, to the offices of Coalition for Social Justice. Thanks to the coalition partnership, BWA has a new office. Due to COVID-19 the office is currently closed. All inquiries can be sent to our multilingual line to  (508) - 484 - 8358 or to our email at brocktonworkersalliance@gmail.com.

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