Brockton Food Pantry

Fair Foods flier with a blue background. At the top it has the logos of the Fair Food Inc organization, the Brockton Workers Alliance, and the Trinity Baptist Church, oganizers of the event. At the left part of the image, it is written "Community Food Distribution Every Other Week. Thursdays 2:30 pm". Next to the text there's an image of a sample food package with five bananas, some carrots, three onions, two peppers, some tomatoes and a bag of baby spinach.In the last months, the Brockton Workers Alliance has been working with Fair Foods Inc and the Trinity Baptist Church to make a Community Food Distribution. Together we have made a food pantry that we assemble every other week, and where our volunteers provide those who attend with fresh food packages for 2$ per bag.

It's an image from a pdf with info about future food pantry events. At the top of the image there is a list of dates in the year 2021: March 18, April 1st, April 15, April 29 and May 13. There is a highlighted note looking for volunteers for the food pantry from 12 to 4pm. At the bottom half of the image there is information about the price ($2 per bag) and adress of the event (1367 Main St, Brockton, MA 02301). It is written in four languages.

This campaign started in 2020 and it's still going on. For those interested in participating in the next calls for the food pantry, the programmed dates for April and May are shown in the picture. If you want to volunteer for any of the established days, contact us through our email

The food pantry has allowed us to reach out to Brockton's more vulnerable workers, a group that has been most impacted by the COVID-19 situation, trying to help with the situation of food insecurity that has worsened due to the pandemic. It has also served as a way to build connections, both between the different organizations involved and between them and the community they work for.

In our last fair, we received the visit of the general attorney Maura Healey, who came to see the work that has been put in this project by our teams and volunteers.


Serie of photos of the team and volunteers with MA attorney Maura Healey.

If you want to learn more about this project, you can do it here and here.


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